August knows many Highlights: Most Music Festivals, the hottest Period of the Year, Summers High Season, the first successful Ascension of the Matterhorn. For me this month, this year, is a bit extra special. Kraft Media Productions exists 1 year!
A lot has happened in a year. But the Help of Dear Ones and Family and of course non-stop driven by both the People with whom I have been allowed to work together, as well as myself, is something that gives me the most energy: It is a great Adventure, but I come to the Point every day that I am sure that this is the Best I have ever chosen. It gives me not only the possibility, but also the power to do what I prefer to do.. For this Event, and the Summer holiday of course, I went back to the Place where my Idea started. A Place that the Energy of ‘Wow’ that I pursue in my Images, radiates like no other and recharges and inspires me endlessly in what I do..
People who know me well know that sitting still is not my thing, so let us quickly take the bags again and again and again to find or create moments like these. On to more of these great moments, on to the next years!