Kraft Media is about making photography and video content with the right amount of positive energy and unlimited creativity: To tell killer stories that are by heart.

My name is Tamara siebes and I’m a Photographer and Filmmaker based in The Netherlands. (Outdoor) Sports and Lifestyle runs trough my blood, as well as creative work like Photography and Filmmaking. It’s my personal achievement to capture something in my pictures that yearns for attention and tells a touching story.

It’s my personal achievement to capture something in my pictures that yearns for attention. It’s the heart of a good story: The energy that grabs you and doesn’t leave anymore, that’s what inspires me. It’s something in there, making people look closer and wonder. And that’s what I like to do: Let people smile, let them gasp. Let them wonder. Let them discover and feel nothing else but the stories you tell them.

I am a Nonstop-Inspired Visual Storyteller. Based in the Netherlands my photography started at the age of 4/5. My dad put his old Olympus Trip 35 in my hands telling me “This was mine when I was young, go take photographs too. I’m sure you can do it.” This happened in the German woods of Blackforest and Bavaria. The same places I’d have set my first steps as a kid. Besides photography, the German and Swiss mountains are a big part of my life. Raised by a mountaineering family I was taught that you have to work hard for your view and the goals you set.

As a student at the University of Applied Photography (Fotovakschool) Apeldoorn I learned to notice every little detail in a (to be made) picture or film. These two lessons, assisted by a non-stop yearning for freedom and independence, made my work not just capturing what I see, but telling a story that sticks with you and triggers to go live your own. Because everyone has one, and only you decide where you’ll stand at the end…

I am a non-stop inspired Visual Storyteller, focussed on Outdoor Sport, Nature and Lifestyle.
Making photography and video content with the heart and an eye for detail.

I’ve made awesome things before with:

Kellerman quads training,   Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen,   Kiwa Ibex,
Capabel Onderwijsgroep,   Informatica en Communicatie Academie,   Open Health Hub,