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Mountain Network founder Johan Cavé called one of his best employees on a sunday night saying “Rob, it’s going to freeze these days, really bad. How would you feel on doing some big project with me?” Instantly joining of course. Building a 15 meter icewall to climb for a week turned out to be a bigger project thought about before, and soon they boosted up to 24/7 time spent to get it running. But they did it, broke the record for the highest ice wall in the Netherlands and made a small but close community extremely happy.
These pictures where made during the firsat climbs by the NKBV Expeditie Academy en top-Iceclimbers Marianne ven der Steen en Dennis van Houten.

That same week I joined the team by shooting photo and video-footage sharing the amazing project results.

With a story like this good video work can’t say behind. So, after Rob took me to the (to be made) playground, I instantly had MN’s active director Leopold on the phone, asking for a scoop and capturing this incredible storyline. He couldn’t say anything else but “YES!” and so not only photography was done that day.

As I look back on this day, it’s still amazing how we pulled this off. And hopefully, it’ll be remembered long as the ambitious but successful project team Mountain Network made in 2021.